Jennifer Smith Greene Graphic Design and Illustration
Jennifer Smith Greene Graphic Design and Watercolor Illustration
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Jennifer Smith Greene | Design & Illustration


Jennifer Smith Greene, WatercoloristJennifer Diane Smith Greene has always had interest in drawing and painting. Her first serious interaction with watercolors came in a drawing class in college. Upon graduation from college as she began working as a graphic designer, Jenny began taking watercolor classes on the side as an outlet for artistic creativity. Ever since, Jenny has been happily creating watercolors and has been commissioned by businesses, organizations and individuals for specific works. Jenny has also been commissioned to do plein-air demonstrations for a shop in New Jersey.

Jenny Smith WatercoloristPlease view samples of Jenny's watercolor paintings displayed under the side categories to the left. Depending on size and amount of detail, her paintings typically are finished in about 4-6 hours. Jenny's paintings are available for sale, and some are available for purchase as notecards. Jenny also welcomes commissions and invitations to teach and paint demonstrations.

Jennifer Diane Smith Greene Watercolorist and Graphic Designer

Materials Used

Jenny typically uses Winsor & Newton Artists' Water Colour paints and Lanaquarelle rough watercolor paper, although she enjoys experimenting with different watercolor papers. Her favorite brush is a #8 Artists' Watercolor Sable Round Brush (Winsor & Newton), and typically uses only round, sable brushes and rigger brushes for detail work. She has found that kolinsky sable paintbrushes are without parallel and definitely worth the extra money.